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Systems Engineering

Through analysis, modeling, and simulation systems engineers at SPA help decision makers identify problems, assess risks, optimize resources, develop strategies, and test and refine new ideas. SPA has a talented staff of engineers with experience in analyzing alternative and successor systems as well as conducting technical trade-offs for military and industry clients.

Financial Management and Execution Support

Requirements analysis and definition is also a large part of systems engineering at SPA. Our customers include:

  • Navy Strategic Systems Programs (SSP)
  • Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)
  • United States Coast Guard (USCG)

Our work has included strategic missile and weapon system characteristics definitions, analysis to support selection of strategic warheads for Trident II (D5), tactical missile effectiveness modeling, and technical assessments and recommendations for insertion of new technology into information and electronic warfare programs.

Our systems engineering capabilities include configuration management, safety (ordnance and general), and analysis of environments, products, statistical data, and workflows. Commonly used software packages include EXTEND, MATLAB, FATEPEN, PRODAS, BRL-CAD, TurboCAD, and Google SketchUp.

SPA presents systems engineering results in a framework for the customer to select an optimal, cost-effective system of vessels, weapons, and manpower to meet requirements.

SPA's approach provides decision makers with timely, flexible, and cost-effective integrated systems solutions.