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SPA warmly welcomes former military service members! We value the character of individuals who have made and honored commitments to serve and protect our nation, and we appreciate the unique qualities that military leadership brings to bear on the challenges our clients face.

About SPA

SPA is a growing professional services firm that provides extensive and critical support to our Departments of Defense, Homeland Security and Energy clients. We cherish our customers’ trust and strive to make an impact on important decisions facing our nation today. We enjoy a small company culture that is making a large-company impact.

Strong Teams

We form our teams from a variety of experience and backgrounds so that we can provide the most reasonable and objective assessments for our customers.

A critical element on these teams is that our work must make operational sense, and we rely on the experience of our former service members to provide input on operational feasibility.

50% of SPA’s employees are former military members

Former Junior Military Officers bring technical scholarship and leadership experience to our analysis teams as Military Operations Analysts, Systems Engineers, and more.

Retiring Military Officers have excelled at higher levels within the DoD organization, and can provide Military Operations Analysis expertise and may also bring acquisition, program management, or systems engineering experience and project leadership to our analysis teams. Check out our current openings here.


Doug Wisniewski

Doug Wisniewski, Program Analyst | Former Coast Guard

“After a long career in the Coast Guard, I knew that I wanted my second career to be with a company with equally strong core values. SPA has exceeded all of my expectations, with a focus on attracting and retaining the best and brightest minds. I enjoy my colleagues immensely and I respect them for their dedication to solving our clients’ toughest problems!”

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson, Operations Research Analyst | Former Army Enlisted – Mortar Gun Team Lead

“The U.S. Army taught me skills that can’t be taught in a classroom; intangibles like adaptability, flexibility, and reliability. SPA could see those qualities in me, and gave me a hard problem to solve. I immediately knew I was part of the team, that I was relied upon, and that I had the support necessary to get the job done.”

Karen Kwok

Karen Kwok, Professional Systems Engineer | Former Navy Officer

“When I originally transitioned out of the Navy, I feared my Navy experience would not transfer over for application in the private sector until I found SPA. SPA not only accepted all my experience, but also embraced it, and put it to use immediately. I find it very rewarding to continue serving my country by contributing to solving challenges faced by our nation.”