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Top Work Places in 2017Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc. (SPA) brings a ready team of the right people, processes and unique tools to deliver forward looking solutions to address the nation's critical concerns. We are a professional services provider with a long-standing reputation for unrivaled technical and analytical support to national executive decision makers. Providing timely, objective and cost-effective solutions that maximize performance and minimize risk are critical to impacting important decisions that are made every day.

We Solve Tomorrow’s Challenges Today

At SPA, we have a passion for doing interesting work that impacts important decisions. We pride ourselves in our unique position as a trusted advisor to the United States Government on matters affecting the welfare of our Nation and its citizens. As a partner with a vested interest in the success of our customers, we go beyond merely completing tasks. We add value and thought , we anticipate our customer’s needs and are expert in solving our nation’s challenges.

Nobody knows the future with certainty, but we take care of our customers so they are best prepared for it. Solving tomorrow’s challenges can’t wait, we understand that delivering the right solutions on time is the only way to solve tomorrow’s most complex challenges.

ISO Certification LogoISO 9001:2015 Acknowledgment

SPA successfully completed ISO 9001:2015 certification implementing the international standard for Quality Management in September 2017. SPA is committed to using common standards to aid in the design of quality products and services and ensure continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

SPA News

SPA Hosts and Honors Guadalcanal Veteran

ALEXANDRIA, VA - SPA honors Technical Sargent Theodore R. Marolda, Guadalcanal Veteran, and all U.S. Marines as the USMC celebrates its 242nd birthday. TSgt recently visited SPA and the Washington DC area and we were honored to spend time with him and learn about his actions and sacrifices on behalf of this nation.

Here is a video, which includes comments from TSgt Marolda, honoring the USMC on its 242nd birthday.

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SPA to Support Office of the Secretary of Defense Strategic Capabilities Office

ALEXANDRIA, VA - Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc., (SPA) was awarded a contract to support Analysis and Assessment Services for the Office of the Secretary of Defense Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO).

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